Fire Solution

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Aayu Infosystems is a growing services provider for all fire panels systems. We design, supply & installed the fire equipments to meet our clients requirement as per the international standard.

Nowadays building structure are becoming more complex in both physical layout and its functionality, the demands on the fire systems protecting them have never been on top list and they must be flexible to suit a wide range of their applications.

Aayu Infosystems is a complete fire solutions provider for all sector and functions, and we are committed to working collaboratively with our client to make sure the best results for new installations and fire alarm infrastructure upgrades

Aayu Infosystems offer a range of fire solutions to outfit a multiplicity of building types and sizes. We can help in finding the right mixture of equipment and ensure rigorous requirements and standards are met

Our projects showcase an variety of applications and solutions using our leading range of fire panels and warning systems.

Aayu Infosystems give training  on our wide-range of fire systems matched for testers, service technicians and installers depending on your requirements and expertise.

Fire Tracker Analague Addressable Systems

Fire Tracker Conventional Panels

Fire Tracker Occupant Warning Systems